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A brief glimpse of our range...

Dinkum Shakes

Dinkum Milk Shakes

Sweetbird Syrups

Sweetbird Syrups

Teapigs Teabags

Teapigs Teabags

Twinings Teas

Twinings Teas

Coffee Blends

Coffee Blends

Espresso Excellere Beans

Colombian Beans

Italian Blend Beans

Restaurant Blend Beans

House Blend Beans

Espresso Excellere is our private-label blend of premium beans. We source only the finest coffee beans from around the world to create this full flavor rich coffee.

Ground coffee: We supply in packs 15g upwards to suit everything from a cafetiere to a bulk brew system and are able to supply this format from any of our blends.

Bean coffee: from around the world, available in bags ranging from 250g to 1 kilo.

Crema Caffe Roasted Coffee

Tea Blends

Tea Blends



Earl Grey

Green Gunpowder Loose

Sencha Fukujyu Loose

While we are searching the world for outstanding quality coffees, we also find exhilarating teas, and are proud to offer the finest loose leaf teas available.

Whether selecting leaves from the gardens of Darjeeling or blending herbs from the Northwest, bringing you the magic of tea is a serious pastime here at Crema Catering.

  • Coffee Of The Month

    Flat White

    The flat white is a pretty hip drink. It was created in Australia and New Zealand in the 80’s and is slowly gaining a foothold within the UK. It’s made by pouring steamed milk from the bottom of a pitcher, aka ’microfoam’ over a ristretto.

    Flat White
  • Treat Of The Month
Paper Coffee Cups & Lids

We carry a variety of paper and plastic cups -- along with the dome and flat lids that fit them. When picking out your ideal cup, you have a few considerations -- the size (ounces), the material (paper, plastic, foam), and the printing style.

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